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What is the Mindfulness in Law Society?

The Mindfulness in Law Society (MILS) is a national community of lawyers, law students, faculty, judges, and others in the legal profession who are interested in mindfulness, yoga, and other contemplative practices. We share resources and provide connections with each other in many different ways, including practice area affinity groups, local chapters, webinars, and conferences.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the ability to be in the present moment fully, intentionally, and non-judgmentally. Practicing mindfulness cultivates many skills and mental qualities that can be helpful to those in the legal profession, including the ability to focus and concentrate, recognize and let go of distractions, and accept oneself and others openly and compassionately.

How Do I get Involved?

Membership in the Mindfulness In Law Society (MILS) has many benefits, including access to our membership database, periodic topics calls, mindfulness news digests, information about regional events, national networking, and other resources.

We encourage you to visit our Membership page to learn more about our different MILS divisions: Lawyers, Judges, Law Faculty, and Law Students. (with more divisions forthcoming). Questions? Contact us at: