The Mindfulness in Law Society


The Mindfulness in Law Society

About Mindfulness

This video by Professor Scott Rodgers offers a brief explanation of what Mindfulness is and how it can benefit the practice of law.

How to Start and Keep a Meditation Practice

This reflection by San Francisco Professor Tim Iglesias provides adivce on how to establish a mediation practice and become comfortable with it.

Cure for the Distracted Mind: Why Law Schools Should Teach Mindfulness

This law review article by Shailini George offers a convincing explanation of why Mindfulness should be taught in law schools. If your administration is skeptical of the Mindfulness’ relevance for law students consider forwarding this article along with your student-organization proposal.

Mindfulness videos

A Few Minutes of Practice, by Diana Winston

Mindfulness for Practicing Lawyers, collected by the University of Miami Mindfulness Program

Mindfulness Resources

We have collected several meditation resources, including guided body scans and other mindfulness exercises.