The Mindfulness in Law Society


The Mindfulness in Law Society

Meditation Resources

7-minute Body Scan

This 7 minute guided MBSR body scan will introduce you to the concept of bringing mindfulness awareness to the body.

30-minute MBSR Body Scan

This 30 minute MBSR body scan will walk you through the process of bringing awareness to your entire body in the present moment. For best use, follow the body scan instructions while seated comfortably in a chair, or lying comfortably on the floor.

The “Learned Hand” Exercise

This exercise incorporates moving the hands while focussing on the breath to increase our body-mind awareness. This simple exercise is great for reducing stress and can be practiced during class.

How To Develop Your Personal Practice

This PDF document provides some written guidance for how to begin your own meditative practice in an approachable and sustainable way.

Mindfulness Exercises in English and Spanish

This link takes you to the UCLA Free Guided Meditations page. UCLA’s page offers many variations of MBSR meditations, and offers guided meditations in Spanish as well as English.

Mindfulness Affinity Group database

This link takes you to the AALS Minfullness Affinity Group's database of documents about mindfulness. The database is free and open (no password needed to access).

MILS Student Division YouTube Channel

Our Youtube channel offers multiple short guided meditations and introductions to mindfulness each led by practicing attorneys. These videos are an excellent resource for student groups that do not have a regular mindfulness instructor.