February 2016

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The Benefits of Mindfulness in Our Profession

Do you have a pre-conceived notion that mindfulness involves a hippie way of life, like tuning out the world and living in a temple at the top of a mountain? Do you think it’s a fad with no supporting evidence of its benefits? Or, like many people, do you think mindfulness can only be found in shavasana?...


The Critical Role of Mindfulness in Dealing with Legal Issues

Mindfulness in general, and meditation practice in particular, serves to more firmly ground one in present-moment experience apart from thought-driven notions of how things need to be different than how they are in order to be “happy.”  It is the very thought that things can be any different than they are in reality that is misguided and at the root of much suffering and unhappiness....


Can mindfulness meditation make you a better lawyer (and a better person)?

Every Wednesday, a cross-section of the Columbia Law School community—students, faculty and staff—gathers in Jerome Greene Hall at lunch hour to take deep breaths and sit in silence together. They are part of a growing collective of individuals who are practicing secular mindfulness meditation, and introducing the concept into the intellectual life of the Law School....

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