8 Steps to Turn Anxiety Into Mindfulness

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8 Steps to Turn Anxiety Into Mindfulness

Have you recently been feeling like nothing is in your control anymore? There are many things about the world that we cannot control. When we panic and freak out, we lose our ability to think practically which is why we need yogis now more than ever. With a few simple steps, we can regain control of our lives again.

Communicate Intentions

When you set intentions for yourself every week and share them with someone, it makes all the difference. It could be something as simple as deciding to focus 5 minutes of every day on deep breathing and telling it to your friend. You can make a deal with your friend and ask them to follow the same intention and check up on each other every week.


To be someone who can resist and serve, you have to be able to breathe long and deep. Often when we are in an anxious state of mind, our breathing is shallow and small and we don’t even realize it. All you need to do is breathe and focus on it as it flows in an out of you.

Practice Silence

Sometimes all you need is some alone time. Before you head onto one social meeting after another, take 5 minutes alone to yourself and think about what it is you need in life and if you are happy with the way things are. It’s important to check up on yourself.

Know Your Purpose

This doesn’t refer to the significant life purpose, but merely every day small ones. Ask yourself what your goal for each day is and then go forward from there.


We can often help ourselves by helping others. Ask yourself how you can be of assistance to others, whether it is volunteer work or simple words of encouragement here and there.

Understand Boundaries

For some people, tasks as simple as reading news updates can trigger an anxiety attack. Until you have learned to conquer your fears, there is no shame in swiftly going around them until you are ready.

Teaching What You Need, Sharing What You Already Have

Take some time to focus on figuring out how you can help others with what has helped you in the past. If something has helped you conquer your fears, say a particular meditation program, then use that information to help others around you lead a better life as well.

Finding Peace in the Dark

Paraphrasing the famous author, Rebecca Solnit: The future is dark and despairing ourselves about what it contains is not a productive use of our time. Instead, we can choose to be hopeful about the present, which is in the light and is very much in our own hands to control and mold into what we want our future to look like one day.

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