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Bar Associations

It’s easy for state and local bar associations to partner with the Mindfulness in Law Society to bring the MILS member benefits to your members efficiently and effectively.  Click below to learn how the benefits of partnering with MILS, and how to do so as a bar association chapter or less formally as an affiliate.


Bar Association Chapters get all of the benefits of MILS membership, plus:

  • Access to a nationwide network of speakers
  • Support in developing mindfulness and well-being programming
  • Administrative and membership support
  • Engagement of young lawyer interest in mindfulness and well-being
  • The ability to respond to member interest without forming a new section or committee
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Bar Chapters

Chapters are independent entities, but fall under the Mindfulness in Law Society umbrella and within our non-profit exemption. Chapters get the full range of national MILS member benefits, but can also develop their own leadership, engage in their own programming, and raise funds to support the mission.

Chapters provide bar associations a turn-key option for responding quickly to member interest in mindfulness and well-being, without having to make changes to your current organizational structure.

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Affiliates are a way for bar associations to partner with the Mindfulness in Law Society informally. This can be as simple as listing each other as affiliates with cross-links to each others’ web sites, or whatever else works to our mutual benefit.

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  • Membership - $75 / 1 year Yearly Cost
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