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Can Mindfulness Help Law Students with Stress, Focus, and Well-Being?

An Empirical Study of 1Ls at a Midwestern Law School. By Richard C. Reuben and Kennon M. Sheldon 48 Southwestern L. Rev. 1 (2019)   This is the first empirical study to assess whether mindfulness meditation training can help law students with stress, focus, well-being, or academic performance.  The results were positive on all measures except for academic performance, which was inconclusive. Forty-seven University of Missouri School of Law students participated in the study over a two-year period. All students took a survey using standard scales to assess their stress, focus, and well-being when they enrolled in the study in the fall, and at the beginning and end of their training. Students in the test group participated in a weekly mindfulness training during the eight weeks leading up to first year,...


Mindfulness and Gardening

As I looked around the room at the start of the most recent New England MILS meeting I had one of those “look how far we’ve come” moments. It wasn’t more than five years ago that the idea of a large law firm embracing the idea of a mindfulness program was about as foreign as going to your favorite diner and finding sushi on the menu. Yet, there I was in a room full of administrators and lawyers from Boston’s top law firms brainstorming ideas about how to bottle the success my colleagues and I had found in starting one of the first organized and sustained mindfulness programs at a large law firm in Boston. Over the course of the meeting we talked about the importance of...


Five Good Mindfulness Apps

New initiations to meditation walk into the room expecting all of their problems to be fixed with meditation. However, that is not how mindfulness works at all. It's not a set destination that will rid your mind of all your thoughts. What it is, however, is a journey that you must be dedicated to learning to be fully aware and present of your surroundings. Practicing Mindfulness daily has excellent benefits for your body and mind. According to NHS, when you pay more attention to the present around you, to your thoughts and feelings, your overall mental health is improved. Being mindful also helps you enjoy the worldly pleasures while understanding your own self. Keeping all of the benefits mindfulness practice brings, not every individual has the...


Mindfulness Courses Help Reduce Stress Levels in College Students

Practicing mindfulness creates a need in individuals to become more aware of their thoughts, feelings and attitudes. Instead of living life in autopilot mode, which would include moments like entering a room and forgetting why, a mindful individual is awake and aware of his surroundings. In autopilot mode, the mind drifts away from the present, delves into the pasts and starts to project unhealthy fears onto the future without paying any heed to the present. Living in Autopilot Mode: The Harmful Way of Life People living their lives in such autopilot modes pass their lives by without living in the moment and often become prone to mental health issues sooner than those who practice mindfulness in the form of meditation, yoga and sports. Rising Stress Levels in Students The...


How Mindfulness Addresses Addictive Technology

Have you ever wondered why you can't seem to put your phone down? Technology Addiction. Anyone who owns a smart device in today’s time suffers from some degree of technology addiction. It is the inability to limit the use of various forms of technology, more specifically, the Internet, Smartphones, social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This form of addiction looms over our work life as well as our personal life and prohibits us from understanding the basic concepts of life such as mindfulness and self-care. It especially remains a challenge for legal professionals. Lawyers must always be on their phones or computers, be it day or night, to process the efflux of information. In the past, one would associate addiction with being hooked...

MILS Mindfulness Conference for Law Professors, Deans and Administrators Begins on Thursday

The Second Mindfulness in Law Society Mindfulness in the Legal Academy conference at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools (SEALS) begins this Thursday,  Aug. 9, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The two-day conference will include an introduction to mindfulness and panels on incorporating mindfulness into the curriculum, mindfulness and advocacy, mindfulness and professional identity, and a mini-retreat on the second day. More than 50 legal academics from nearly as many schools attended the conference last year....


Over 100 attend First MILS National Mindfulness Conference

More than 100 lawyers, judges, law professors, law students and other legal professionals from around the country attended the first Mindfulness in Law Society National Mindfulness Conference in Chicago on Aug. 3 , both live and online.  Federal District Court Judge Ricardo Urbina was the keynote speaker. The conference was awarded 6.5 hours of CLE credit, including professional responsibility and substance abuse credit by the state of Illinois. It will be available for free public viewing on the MILS website soon. Kudos to Conference Chair and MILS VP Donn Kessler for a successful conference....


ABA Releases Lawyer Well-Being Toolkit

The American Bar Association has released a well-being toolkit to make it easier for lawyers and legal employers to find resources to support lawyer well-being. The focus of the toolkit is on helping legal employers support healthy work environments, which are critical for lawyer wellness. Research shows that if workplace cultures support well-being, lawyers will be better able to make good choices that allow them to thrive and be their best for clients, colleagues, and work organizations. It is a third major development by the ABA to address the issue of lawyer well-being in as many years. In 2016, the ABA and Hazelden Foundation released a study of more than 15,000 lawyers and law students that showed more than a third of all practicing lawyers and law...

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