Academic Division

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Who are we

The Academic Division is for law professors, law student success officers, deans, and other law school administrators. Adjuncts and those who teach or write about law in other disciplines are also welcome to join.

The Academic Division collaborates informally with the Mindfulness Affinity Group of the Association of American Law Schools Section on Balance in Legal Education. It has more than 100 members at nearly as many schools.


Lydia Johnson (Thurgood Marshall School of Law). Margaret deGuzman (Temple University School of Law). Feel free to contact them with questions and ideas.

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Law School Classes

The following law schools currently offer courses that include mindfulness. To get your school listed, please contact Susan Wawrose (Dayton) at

* Arizona State University
* Berkeley
* Columbia Law School
* Dayton
* Drexel Law School
* Hastings
* Idaho
* Maine
* Miami
* Missouri-Columbia
* New Mexico
* Quinnipiac
* San Francisco
* Suffolk
* Temple
* Wake Forest

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Division Activities

The Academic Division has a robust slate of activities, including:
* Regular Topics Calls during the academic year
* An online Resource Center for mindfulness course proposals, syllabi, handouts, etc.
* An annual two-day conference as part of the SEALS Annual Meeting in August
* Maintaining the Contemplative Space at the AALS Annual Meeting in January

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  • Membership - $75 / 1 year Yearly Cost
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