How Mindfulness Addresses Addictive Technology

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How Mindfulness Addresses Addictive Technology

Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to put your phone down? Technology Addiction. Anyone who owns a smart device in today’s time suffers from some degree of technology addiction. It is the inability to limit the use of various forms of technology, more specifically, the Internet, Smartphones, social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This form of addiction looms over our work life as well as our personal life and prohibits us from understanding the basic concepts of life such as mindfulness and self-care. It especially remains a challenge for legal professionals.

Lawyers must always be on their phones or computers, be it day or night, to process the efflux of information. In the past, one would associate addiction with being hooked to chemical substances, but these days it is all about being addicted to modern digital products. In fact, as part of a study being carried out on Behavioural addictions, it was observed that a Tech Addicts dopamine brain activity resembles that of a Heroine user, a gambler or a gamer.

Many visionaries, including Steve Jobs, didn’t believe in letting his children near electronic devices. Many schools also discourage the use of tech devices, such as iPhones and iPads.  It’s unfortunate that our very concept of leisure has come down to having our smartphones in close proximity at all times. So much so, that if one had to leave their phones at home while running errands or, restrict their use of checking emails or texts after 6 p.m they would suffer high levels of anxiety.

Generations before us led interesting lives for centuries without access to a constant stream of information. Car rides meant having meaningful dialogues with the family and not being on your phone texting. It’s tough for lawyers, however, as the relationship between lawyers and technology is complicated. Law professionals are always on the go and need access to an overwhelming amount of information as soon as possible, and for the same reason, they resort to technology more than one should. They feel as if they can’t unplug themselves from work for a while each day and live in the present moment. Here is where mindfulness plays a significant role.

There are certain mindfulness phone apps in the market that help people temporarily detach themselves, from the daily chaos in their lives and meditate, find a moment to calm down and breathe. Just remember –that it requires a lot of discipline and will power to ignore other phone functions. It is essential to set boundaries. The best way to live life is to experience each day without our phones and computers around us at all times.

Richard Reuben

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