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Austin Charles


Austin Charles has practiced some form of meditation all his life. The son of a of two meditation instructors, he grew up in a home where contemplative practice was fostered. In high school, Charles trained diligently in Wing Chun Kung Fu and Ashtanga yoga. Both practices greatly increased his interest and passion for living mindfully. After high school he attended Furman University, an institution known for its robust Asian Studies program. At Furman, Charles taught weekly yoga classes for groups across campus. An Asian Studies and History double major, Charles concentrated his studies on the origins of eastern contemplative practices. He studied Chi Gong for two years under a distinguished professor and practitioner, then traveled to Japan to deepen his knowledge of the meditative practice. At the Georgia State College of Law, Charles found a kindred spirit in Professor Charity Scott. Professor Scott invited Charles to help her create a mindfulness program for law students. Seeing the success of this program, the pair decided to take the program national. The Mindfulness in Law Student Division now links together law professors and students with a passion for mindfulness across the country, and helps to further the development of new programs. After law school, Charles is interested in continuing his work as a mindfulness consultant for law firms and corporate entities.

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