Rebecca Simon


Rebecca Simon

Rebecca Simon, Executive Director and Co-Founder

Rebecca A. Simon is a faculty member at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles. Professor Simon leads workshops on stress management and mindfulness for both law school and bar exam success. She is the Executive Director of the Mindfulness In Law Society. Professor Simon serves with Richard Reuben as the Co-Chair of the Mindfulness Affinity Group of the Association of American Law Schools Section on Balance in Legal Education. She is the Faculty Advisor for the MILS student chapter at Southwestern and facilitates their monthly “Mindfulness Monday” sessions. Professor Simon co-created and is now the Co-Director of the Mindfulness, Stress Management, Peak Performance Program at Southwestern Law School with Professor Jarrett Green. The program is an innovative science-based initiative designed to help incoming law students achieve law school success by increasing mental focus, decreasing stress, overcoming performance obstacles, and promoting greater cognitive performance and overall happiness. Students who participate in the Peak Performance Program learn mindfulness based tools and other tangible techniques and skills that allow them to optimize their law school performance by enhancing seven elements of peak performance: Attention, Beliefs, Emotions, Body, Energy, Purpose and Communication. Read more about the Peak Performance Program. Professor Simon can be reached at, or by phone at 213-738-5786.

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