The leader in on-demand CLE for mindfulness, yoga, and other contemplative practices.

How it Works

MILS offers a growing catalogue of CLE courses on mindfulness, yoga, and other contemplative practices.

All of our courses have been approved for general CLE in at least one state, and many have also been approved for ethics, substance abuse, or other specialized credit.

Check the course details for the MILS CLE program you want to watch for the state in which that course has been approved.

MILS will provide compliance information to state that authorized the CLE program, and you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Getting Credit

Following the right procedures is important for getting credit for CLE On Demand.

Most states require you to answer note certain codes or answer questions during a CLE video to assure your participation. Please be sure you follow the instructions for the specific course you have chosen so we can verify your attendance when we turn in your paperwork.

Many states have CLE reciprocity with other states.  If your state does not have CLE reciprocity with the state providing the credit, most states permit you to petition for credit.

Click here for a list of state reciprocity rules.

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Getting Help

CLE on Demand can be tricky, and MILS is there to help you through the process.

For assistance, contact:

MILS welcomes new CLE content from any state, as long as it is about mindfulness, yoga, and contemplative practices. If your program has already been approved, great. If you want to get your program approved, let us know.

For information about adding your content to the MILS CLE catalog, please contact Lee Holcomb.

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