Sandine honored by Tennessee Bar

Julie Sandine, founding Secretary for the Mindfulness in Law Society, has received the 2018 Tennessee State Bar's President's Award for her contributions to lawyer well-being. Sandine, who is based in Nashville, is also chair of the Tennessee Bar's Wellness Committee, and a past chair of the Balance Section of the Association of American Law Schools. Congratulations to Julie on this well-deserved honor, Julie!!!...


Response to Legal Criticisms of Mindfulness

Florida lawyer George Delos writes a letter to the Florida Bar Journal responding to legal community concerns about mindfulness, including the idea that the promotion of mindfulness is effectively promoting a religion or cult. For what it's worth, the Mindfulness in Law Society bylaws explicitly bar the organization from preferencing one expression of the practice over another....


The Meditative Judge

In the meditation and yoga classes I’ve taken for the past several years, I’ve learned that mindfulness—an acute awareness of what is happening in the present moment—can improve my life. In yoga mindfulness allows one to unite the body and the mind in the present through a variety of physical poses. But as a municipal court judge in College Station, Texas, I have also seen it work wonders in my courtroom. In retrospect, I was using mindfulness long before I recognized what it was.

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