Partnering with MILS

Professional Groups

There are many different ways for bar associations and other professional organizations to partner with the Mindfulness in Law Society. The easiest ways are by becoming an affiliate or forming a MILS chapter. But as an education and support organization, we are open to other possibilities, such as hosting or cosponsoring particular events or activities. If you have an idea, let us know!

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Chapters are the way for lawyers to organize locally and get all of the support that MILS provides, whether your are a group of friends, a bar association, or a law firm. Unlike Divisions, Chapters are independent of the national organization, but still get important organizational benefits, such as tax-exempt treatment under the MILS group exemption and MILS web and other support.

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Affiliates are a way for any organization to partner with the Mindfulness in Law Society at a basic level that can be as simple as cross-linking web sites, to cross-promotion and discounts for membership, conferences, as well as other opportunities tailored to the organization. Unlike Chapters, Affiliates do not fall under the organization's tax-exempt umbrella, and are more like friends of the family.

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  • Membership - $75 / 1 year Yearly Cost
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