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Noteworthy Mindfulness Books of 2018

Getting ready for your summer reading? Here are five good books from 2018 to keep in mind. Meditation Is Not What You Think: Mindfulness and Why It Is So Important By Jon Kobat-Zinn This book is written by a man who is thought of as one of the best mindfulness teachers in the world. Jon's book tackles questions that people often have about mindfulness. Is it effective? What does mindfulness even do? How does it help me? This is the second rendition of an earlier version released in 2005 and is more relatable than ever to today's times. We wouldn’t call this book just literature, for it is an invite to all towards mindfulness practices. Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain For Maximum Resilience and Well-Being By Linda Graham As the word...

How Mindfulness Addresses Addictive Technology

Have you ever wondered why you can't seem to put your phone down? Technology Addiction. Anyone who owns a smart device in today’s time suffers from some degree of technology addiction. It is the inability to limit the use of various forms of technology, more specifically, the Internet, Smartphones, social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This form of addiction looms over our work life as well as our personal life and prohibits us from understanding the basic concepts of life such as mindfulness and self-care. It especially remains a challenge for legal professionals. Lawyers must always be on their phones or computers, be it day or night, to process the efflux of information. In the past, one would associate addiction with being hooked...

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