MILS 2020 National Conference

Mindfulness and Civility in Challenging Times: A Pilgrimage to Memphis

June 11-14, 2020. Memphis, TN

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Where Does Mindfulness Fit In Today's Society?

Join us on an interdisciplinary, nonpartisan exploration of how meditation and practicing mindful awareness can impact civil behavior and dialogue in today’s challenging social and political environment. Live and on-line. CLE credit available.

Day 1 - Being in the Space

We will open the conference by creating the space within ourselves that is necessary for mindfulness. Our reception will be held at the National Civil Rights Museum.

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Day 2 - Working in the Space

Today’s political climate can cause friction between friends in the legal industry. How do we work together in these trying times? We’ll share best practices on how to understand social conflict and handle difficult conversations in the workplace. Topics include: perceptiveness training, mindful listening, emotional awareness, & more. The Keynote speaker will be Bryan Welch of The evening will be an open choice option of attending our ticketed dinner at The Rendezvous (A Memphis Tradition) or open to personal exploration.

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Day 3 - Building Common Ground

We will begin the day with a session focused on understanding social conflict. Throughout Saturday we will tackle topics such as: difficult conversations, faith and politics, engagement and activism. Finally we'll close with a community discussion on how to apply learnings into our everyday lives.

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Day 4 ***Optional Visit*** to Thich Nhat Hanh Monastery

This optional event ticket can be purchased on our events page. We encourage those who can to attend! Magnolia Grove Monastery was established by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh to share the practice of mindful living. This 120-acre residential monastery and mindfulness practice center rests peacefully in Northwest Mississippi. It is a place to rest with the present moment and to live peacefully with the faithful friend, our breathing.

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Keynote from Rhonda Magee, author Community Engaged Mindfulness and Social Justice
8 Hours CLE Pending, Including Ethics & Substance Abuse
Reception at the Lorraine Motel, home of the National Civil Rights Museum

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